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Survive Heal Thrive - Beyond Child Sexual Assault

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Have you survived child sexual abuse AND been able to now live a great life?

What advice would you share now?

There‚Äôs currently an unprecedented number of men and women of all ages taking those first painful steps into a process of reclaiming their lives after child sexual assault. 

I need your help to provide these brave people with a paragraph of hope and encouragement - that reclaiming a happy and successful life is achievable & worth fighting for. 

Share a little of your story to show current Survivors that they're not alone, you can choose to remain anonymous if you wish.


To demonstrate how it is possible to reclaim a happy, successful and self-empowered life after child abuse. 


By documenting our true life accounts of a specific learning, process, turning point, realization or other experience that supported us in returning to genuine joy and happiness. 


To encourage and empower current survivors of abuse that reclaiming a happy & successful life is achievable and worth fighting for. 

The Process is positive, flexible, safe and confidential. 

It begins with a relaxed and confidential conversation (normally via Skype) where you can ask any questions you want about me and the project. I will also learn about you and your experiences, and together we will discover if this project is right for you. 

You must be an Adult who has had the necessary time and professional support to have fully healed from being sexually abused as a child. 

You now live an independent, self-empowered life without harmful addictions, or the need for anti-depressants or other medications relating to the child abuse. 

You're still human(!) and have your down days, flashbacks and memories, but you do not 'live there'. 

Your life is now filled with more joy than most people you know. 

You must have a desire to share at least one experience that helped you reclaim the joy-filled life you now live.

If This Is You - click on the green button to contact me for a time to chat.

If This Is Not You Yet - click on the orange button to receive a FREE copy of the book when it is completed, and keep going - You are unique, valuable and worth every effort that it takes to reclaim your life and happiness. 

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Free Download - 5 things learned
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